Handmade Personalized Photo Gifts Book by Carla Visser


Photographs have always evoked strong emotions – special memories caught on camera have their own special magic. But photos must be displayed for us to share their magic with others. Now there are many more display possibilities than placing them in an album or simply framing them. This book will show you that there is hardly a surface that cannot be covered with a photograph using simple techniques to turn photos into valued gifts. Project ideas include:

  • Canvas prints
  • Boxes and signs
  • Bottles and jars
  • Jewellery
  • Kitchen items
  • Candles
  • Plates, bowls, mugs
  • Placemats and coasters
  • Cushions, blankets and bunting
  • Toys, dolls and puzzles
  • Lampshades and lanterns
  • Notebooks, cards, calendars and gift tags
  • Displays and decorations

Use these ideas to turn your photos into valued gifts by personalizing general-use items or simply create eye-catching décor for your home. Illustrated with step-by-step photographs as well as stunning photos of each finished project, the book will both teach and inspire. So give your creativity free rein and fill your life with your special moments.

by Carla Visser
Format Description:
full colour, paperback

Pages: 128