TrueFelt Pre-cut Square - 9" x 9"

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Shop Cut felt square - 9" x 9"


De Witte Engel 100 % woollen felt TrueFelt is one of Meaningful Craft's in-house brands. TrueFelt is made from 100 % wool from South American and European sheep breeds and manufactured in Europe. TrueFelt material is mulsing free. This 100 % woollen felt contains 70 – 100 % Merino wool combined with other soft European wool types. 

Safe and resposible

TrueFelt is Ökotex certified and dyed according to the European legislation code EN71 guidelines, which ensures that it is natural, sustainable, and free from toxic and harmful substances and colourants, and especially safe to use in children’s toys. It does not fray or stretch if used carefully. Because of the 100 % wool composition of TrueFelt, it is not flammable and can be used in multiple other applications as well, such as for architectural purposes as well as heat and sound insulation.

In comparison with other types of felt, TrueFelt truly stands out with its woollen and refined look as well as with its nice feel and heavier weight per meter (450 g/m). This TrueFelt comes in thickness: 1-1.2 mm.