Simply Moderne #30

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Inside your Simply Moderne #30 Autumn issue:

  • Exhibition: AQC, 26th-29th May 2022, Brisbane
  • Exhibition: Craft & Quilt Fair, 21st-24th July 2022, Melbourne
  • Portrait: Loani Prior
  • Portrait: Gloria Loughman
  • Meet: Kim Devanny

10 new projects to invite Autumn into your home:

  • Pinwheels in Reverse by Allison Richter
  • Unconditional by Art Gallery Fabrics Studio
  • Stardust by Art Gallery Fabrics Studio
  • Optical Squares by Kaffe Fasset (for FreeSpirit Fabrics)
  • Share the Pears by Judit Hajdu
  • Amplify by Rachelle Craig
  • Iterate by Rachelle Craig
  • Cockpit by Pamela Goecke Dinndorf
  • Prehistoric Fresco by Anne Marie Saudo
  • Heads or Tails by Nicole Desmars (for Ecolaines)