LDH Midnight Pruning Shears

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LDH Midnight Pruning Shears

Our Midnight Edition Pruning Shears are crafted from heavy duty carbon steel and are finished with our signature black Midnight coating. With an ergonomic design and contoured handles for extra grip and stability, these shears make precise pruning easy and efficient. Ideal for anyone who takes their gardening seriously.

Materials: Crafted from heavy-duty, industrial grade carbon steel and finished with our signature Midnight coating.

Design: The handles are not only lightweight and strong, but also ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and slip-resistant grip

Recommended Use: They are ideal for trimming and shaping small to medium-sized plants, shrubs, and trees. They are also useful for cutting through woody stems and branches, deadheading flowers, and harvesting herbs and vegetables.

Maintenance: After each use, wipe the blades and handles of the pruning shears with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove any debris or sap. If there is stubborn residue, use a mild soap and water to clean the blades and dry them thoroughly before storing. You can also apply a light coating of oil on the blades to prevent rust.