LDH 10" True Left-Handed Traditional Fabric Shears

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LDH 10" True Left-Handed Traditional Fabric Shears

Our Traditional Fabric Shears are an industrial-grade, professional tool. Both the handle and the blades have been switched, making them a pair of true left-handed scissors.

*These scissors are left-handed*

Material: Crafted from heavy-duty, industrial grade carbon steel.

Design: The blades are slightly concave and perfectly aligned to allow them to cut through thick layers effortlessly.

Note about Left-Handed Shears: For left-handed people who have been using right-handed scissors for most of their life, there may be an adjustment period when you start to use true left-handed shears. A left-handed info card with more details comes with each scissor.

Recommended Use: They can cut through multiple layers of fabric, leather, fleece, vinyl, denim, and other dense materials.

Maintenance: Wipe down the blades and lubricate with oil once a month.