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We are excited for another year of piecing with Jen Kingwell and her new Block of the Month, Caution! Curves Ahead!

"I believe a Block Of The Month program should be about learning and challenging yourself…. and I know many of you don't love curves as much as I do so I giggled when I came up with the name 'Caution! Curves Ahead'.

But! I have no doubt that after this 12 month program, with the video tutorials you will gain an appreciation of how simple stitching curves can be... and maybe even gain a little love for them?

From the very beginning of my quilting adventure curved blocks have been my favourite. I love the way they soften a design when juxtaposed against the sharper angles of straight lines. I find something incredibly appealing about a curve...I love polka dot fabric, rolling hills and winding coastlines, flower petals & leaves and... the curve of a wine glass. With all of this in mind I designed a quilt where almost every block has a curved element."  - Jen

Finished Quilt Size: 60" square

We will be offering the Costal Colourway, a warm palette of blues, greens, mustards and berries, reminiscent of a golden sunset over a sandy beach. Kits will be shop curated, fabrics will differ from the fabric in Jen's quilt, but the overall asthetic will remain the same.

Each month you will receive printed instructions and templates for one pieced block and one applique block (you will make several of each) along with your fabric.

As a participant, you will receive FREE access to Jen's online piecing and appliqué classes for the duration of the program along with monthly hints & tips videos to help piece each block via the groups Facebook page!

The program will run for 12 consecutive months, shipping the 15th of the month, starting November 15th (permitting no customs delays).

By registering for Caution! Curves Ahead, you agree that BOM's are a commitment between the consumer and vendor; therefore cancellations will not be accepted as this is a full 12-month program. Product returns are not accepted for any BOM. We reserve the right to increase costs due to unforeseen carrier rate increases.